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Gaslight Studios will contribute to AIR! - Gaslight Studios
Gaslight Studios will contribute to AIR!

Keeping to our roots with Steampunk style gaming, Gaslight Studios has signed on to contribute to the Steampunk MMO - AIR. This exciting game has attracted the likes of Captain Robert of Abney Park fame among many other talented people. Taken straight from the AIR home page...

"AIR is a Steampunk Online Role Playing Game, where players can sail the skies, mine abandoned eyots, create mechanical constructs, concoct potent chemical compounds, join secret societies, and participate in large scale battles as a sky pirate, naval officer, or mercenary. AIR features a deep character development system where the choices your player makes affect his or her attributes and alliances. Take to the skies and unlock the secrets of AIR!"

Visit the home page and learn more about this exciting game here, and be sure to visit the home page of the band Abney Park for some of the best Steampunk music around!


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